Free Manuscript Prep Guide
The cleanup and formatting moves that make you look like a pro.
Manuscript Prep Guide
Professional presentation

Preventing a prospective agent from tossing out your manuscript in frustration at the tiny, single-spaced font you chose ...


Allowing your editor to focus on your writing instead of the mistakes you could've caught with spellcheck ...


Let your publishing team focus on what matters:


Your writing.

Professional-caliber standards
  • The specs for industry-standard manuscript format
  • The top revision plans I recommend to all my clients to prepare their manuscripts for an edit
  • Why Grammarly isn't the best writing app for novelists (and what is)
  • What localized English is, why it matters to your book, and how that affects your love for spelling a certain color "grey"
  • The list of words you should cut
  • Which software programs and writing apps are compatible with professional editing and design work or submitting to a literary agent
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