Most writing groups are about support and accountability. The Story Incubator is about the craft of writing. In the Story Incubator, you’ll cultivate your craft as you write or revise your book.

Writing a novel by trial and error takes forever if your only opportunities for course correction are the occasional edit or critique. Maybe you join a writing community to fill the gaps, but nobody interacts in real time, and the monthly workshops or clinics are few and far between.

What if you could get course corrections and advance your craft every week?

What makes group coaching different from a writing group? Writing groups are driven by other newbies. That’s not a disparagement to writing groups—it’s simply their nature. Once writers get published, they generally move on to working with their agents and editors or peers. They don’t spend their time in writing groups; they spend it writing books.

The problem with a group full of new writers is that nobody knows what works yet. Everyone’s trying to figure things out. Writing groups are a great place to get moral support or broad first impressions about your work. Learning how to offer kind, actionable observations about a work in progress teaches you how to identify issues and how to give and receive feedback in a useful way.

Now think how much further ahead you’d be if you spent that time giving and receiving feedback under the wing of a professional.

As a Story Incubator writer, you’ll meet online every week with your cohort in Google Meet. We’ll tune your work via regular hotseat critiques (volunteer for your chance in the hotseat), examining your story structure, character arcs, scene openings, writing excerpts, and more; open the floor for questions and writing issues; study new writing and narrative techniques; explore the finer points of scene writing; share productivity, focus, and research tips; and so much more.

Group coaching gives you more.

Look what you’ll accomplish by devoting one hour a week to improving your craft.

Revise or draft with confidence. Hotseat Labs provide the intense feedback you need to hone key elements of your story. Fine-tune your pages, scenes, outlines, pitches, and more.

Expand your repertoire of narrative techniques. Craft Clinics help you add fresh skills and techniques for your literary toolbox on a regular basis.

Hone your story sensibilities. Observe how other writers are solving narrative issues and approaching stories like and unlike your own.

Quality feedback, not uninformed opinions. Working alongside other writers with the guidance of a professional editor refines your ability to analyze all sorts of stories.

Master the art of descriptive (not prescriptive) feedback, and develop a working writer’s fluency in offering and receiving actionable critique.

Get expert guidance on demand. The high-touch group structure gives you face time with the coach every week. Opt for monthly one-on-one feedback for individual guidance when you need it.

High-touch, high-access experience. Most writing groups, courses, and communities are so big that you can’t get individual feedback or make personal connections. The small cohort size facilitates peer and coach interactions, allowing everyone to converse freely during calls, build relationships, and have time to be heard.

Lisa Poisso, Book Editor and Writing Coach

Group coaching fits your life.

Make regular progress. Weekly video meetings with your cohort and coach keep you energized and on track with a minimal time commitment. Make meaningful progress toward completing your book.

Share with confidence. As a member of a small cohort, you can let your guard down in the intimacy of a small group with airtight confidentiality. What happens in the group stays in the group. Share your experiences, challenges, and successes, and build a network you can trust.

Commitment-friendly schedule that supports your growth. The Story Incubator is designed to fit into your schedule, requiring just one hour a week for cohort sessions and leaving ample time for your personal writing journey. Transcripts keep you updated for times when you just can’t make it.

Stay on track with the accountability and motivation. Weekly cohort sessions and private Slack community energize your work with new techniques and the momentum of colleagues moving forward together. Join regular coworking sessions for even more motivation and support.

Make progress even during non-writing weeks.

Writing thrives with consistency, but few new writers can make writing a full-time endeavor. Gaps between writing sessions allow ideas and creative energy to wither, and regaining a strong rhythm can be laborious. These slumps stifle your potential for growth. 

The kind of writing groups that are based on drafting a manuscript mean that a week of low or no word count is a failed week.

With group coaching, you’ll pick up new ideas and momentum every week, whether you’re writing forward or not. Apply revision techniques, mulling over story and character development, absorbing new techniques and approaches—coaching injects your work with renewed clarity every week, no matter what’s happening with your word count.

The Story Incubator is for you if—

You’re writing or revising a novel.

You want to learn more about the craft of storytelling.

You’d appreciate the accountability of a set time to devote to your writing.

You’d enjoy working alongside a small cohort of peers.

You want the ongoing, steadying presence of a professional story coach and editor.

You’re ready to commit one hour a week for three months to becoming a better fiction writer.


Lisa is an incredible coach and editor. Thanks to her Story Accelerator, I was able to understand the workings of my story structure, its strength and weaknesses, and could make changes with confidence. Her developmental edit took things a step further, diving deep into and providing specific recommendations and ideas on how to improve the story flow. In short, Lisa’s instruction and guidance have shaved months, maybe years, off of my effort to improve my writing.
Lisa’s the real deal. Simply awesome. In the last six months, I have learned so much. And more than that, the voice inside my head has changed her tune. Now I hear “You’re going to do this.” . . . Before I invested in myself by hiring Lisa, I was a decent storyteller but I didn’t understand that parts of that story were missing. She taught me about building a better book, about embracing the challenge of soaking up the advice and churning out words that draw people in. My books are landing on publisher’s desks because I happened upon Lisa’s name, and I listened. I will be forever grateful for her expertise.
After working with Lisa over two years, I feel confident that I am now a skilled author. I love how she challenges me to be bold … She coaxes you until you tease a raw plot into a great story. When I look back at the first muddle I handed Lisa and see the awesome story it became under her guidance, it still humbles me.

Take the next step.

I work only with writers I believe I can help reach specific writing goals. If you’re ready to take action, get in touch. We’ll email a little about what you’re working on and what sort of help you’d like, and I’ll send you an assessment that helps us both determine whether the Scene Accelerator would be right for you.

I coach a limited number of clients per quarter. This is your chance to take a giant step forward.

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