The Story Accelerator introduces you to the techniques and structure beneath your instinctual storytelling choices. This isn’t a class or a course—this is you and me, one on one, working through the support structures of fiction specifically as they apply to your book.

One week and area of focus at a time, we’ll explore new techniques, brainstorm alternative approaches, and identify untapped potential in your book.

With a proven track record spanning nearly a decade, the Story Accelerator has consistently empowered writers to reimagine their projects and write novels that are both profound and marketable.

  • Find out how to stop writing for yourself and start writing for the readers you want to buy your book.
  • Choose the point of view that supports the story, not the one that “feels right” or that you just like best.
  • Find out why narrative tense works precisely opposite of the way you probably assumed.
  • Pull your protagonist out of the pit of passivity by discovering how stories are about characters happening to the plot, not a plot happening to the characters.
  • Develop a character arc that reveals the story behind the plot. (Or find out why your story doesn’t need a character arc of change and what to do instead.)
Lisa Poisso, Book Editor and Writing Coach

Get clarity on what works and why.

– Genre and marketability

– Point of view

– Character arcs

– The conflict-motivation-goal drivetrain

– Story structure and plot

– Story layering—weaving all of that into a cohesive, unified whole

Story Accelerator coaching is for you if ...

  • You want to understand what makes a story work and how to apply those principles to your manuscript.
  • You’d like to launch your next draft from a developed, informed foundation.
  • You’re uncertain that your story or characters are on the right track.
  • You’ve received conflicting feedback from readers or editorial professionals.


I love using the Accelerator prior to drafting a book. Based on my experience, it results in faster, cleaner drafting and reduced need for major revisions and edits. Reader reviews of my first Accelerator-planned book are a full star level higher than its predecessor, making it a valuable part of my process.
After working with Lisa over two years, I feel confident that I am now a skilled author. I love how she challenges me to be bold … She coaxes you until you tease a raw plot into a great story. When I look back at the first muddle I handed Lisa and see the awesome story it became under her guidance, it still humbles me.

Lisa’s Accelerator is an essential tool that saves an author months by ensuring he or she begins with a solid outline, character arc, motive, stakes, etc. It would be hard to work without her.
Lisa is an incredible coach and editor. Thanks to her Accelerator, I was able to understand the workings of my story structure, its strength and weaknesses, and could make changes with confidence. Her developmental edit took things a step further, diving deep into and providing specific recommendations and ideas on how to improve the story flow. In short, Lisa’s instruction and guidance have shaved months, maybe years, off of my effort to improve my writing.

Take the next step.

I work only with writers I believe I can help reach specific writing goals. If you’re ready to take action, get in touch. We’ll email a little about what you’re working on and what sort of help you’d like, and I’ll send you an assessment that helps us both determine whether the Story Accelerator would be right for you.

I coach a limited number of clients per quarter. This is your chance to take a giant step forward.

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