The Scene Accelerator


Getting your story from outline to scenes is another one of those processes that can seem inscrutable until you learn the technique to the madness. The Scene Accelerator takes the mystery out of building effective scenes that drive the plot forward and draw readers into the characters’ experience.

One week and area of focus at a time, we’ll explore new techniques, brainstorm alternative approaches, and identify untapped potential in your writing.

Get clarity on what works and why.

Translating your story from outline to scenes can seem inscrutable until you learn the techniques. With coaching, you’re not simply studying dry strategies in a book or video course. You’re getting one-on-one feedback on identifying and applying these techniques in your own manuscript.

  • Explore the different tasks scenes can accomplish in a story.
  • Learn the anatomy of different types of scenes and how to avoid the number one mistake new authors make when planning their scenes.
  • Master techniques such as the 3 W’s of kicking off a scene, the screenwriting tactic of going in late and getting out early, and how to find your book’s sweet spots for scene and chapter length.
  • Find out the five types of writing that build scenes, and learn when to use scene and when to use summary (the infamous “showing versus telling”).

Scene Accelerator coaching is for you if—

– You’re having trouble moving from the story in your outline or head to scenes on the page.

– Your book includes a lot of exciting events, but readers don’t seem to be engaging with the story.

– Your book is all talk and no action, or all action and no thought.

– The manuscript reads like a report instead of a story.

– Your story is solid, but your manuscript is too long or too short for its genre.


Lisa is an incredible coach and editor. Thanks to her Story Accelerator, I was able to understand the workings of my story structure, its strength and weaknesses, and could make changes with confidence. Her developmental edit took things a step further, diving deep into and providing specific recommendations and ideas on how to improve the story flow. In short, Lisa’s instruction and guidance have shaved months, maybe years, off of my effort to improve my writing.
Working with Lisa is one of the best writing decisions I’ve made. Lisa’s great at pinpointing areas that need improvement, areas that work. She says things in several different ways so I can pick ones that make sense to me (and maybe come back to the others later). … Excellent in all—response time, professionalism, willingness to provide some individualized approaches. … As a fiction writer in training, I find her comments to be like a mini-course in creative writing. She’s also straightforward, efficient, and professional. Great investment on my part!
Lisa’s the real deal. Simply awesome. In the last six months, I have learned so much. And more than that, the voice inside my head has changed her tune. Now I hear “You’re going to do this.” . . . Before I invested in myself by hiring Lisa, I was a decent storyteller but I didn’t understand that parts of that story were missing. She taught me about building a better book, about embracing the challenge of soaking up the advice and churning out words that draw people in. My books are landing on publisher’s desks because I happened upon Lisa’s name, and I listened. I will be forever grateful for her expertise.
Emile Horne

Take the next step.

I work only with writers I believe I can help reach specific writing goals. If you’re ready to take action, get in touch. We’ll email a little about what you’re working on and what sort of help you’d like, and I’ll send you an assessment that helps us both determine whether the Scene Accelerator would be right for you.

I coach a limited number of clients per quarter. This is your chance to take a giant step forward.

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