Developing story skills

How to develop your story revision skills

Are you guilty of trying to put lipstick on a pig? As my colleague Jami Gold confided via email, “I’ve seen far too many authors consider themselves ‘edited’ just because someone did a comma check, but my reviews and impressions of a story are almost always about the story itself. We can’t emphasize that enough, IMHO.” The solution is story revision skills.

Toiling over comma placement and wordiness is a waste of time if your story isn’t on point. So how do you know if your story is on point?

Before you can spot loopholes in story development, you need more than just vague intuition about what makes a story work; you need to know what makes it tick. Gaining those story revision skills sounds like a lot of work, but there are quite a few ways to go about upping your game.

My article 6 Ways to Develop Your Big-Picture Revision Skills at offers half a dozen ways you can begin honing your story sensibilities right now.

  • What you can scope out in other authors’ books
  • Where to learn story structure basics
  • How to apply what you’ve learned
  • How to gulp down guidance from both peers and professionals
  • A checklist of big-picture revision skills to measure yourself against

If you’ve worked with me, you’ll recognize Jami’s site from my feedback and recommendations. Her site is a gold mine for authors—get over there and start feeding your story brain.

Read the article at

6 Ways to Develop Your Big-Picture Revision Skills

Lisa Poisso, Editor and Book Coach

Understanding how stories work changes everything. I’ll show you how to back up your creative instincts so your ideas hit home. It’s time to accelerate your journey from aspiring writer to emerging author.

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