Find your ideal editor

The Write Chemistry: Find your ideal editor

When you need your sword and shield just to confront the editing process, something’s amiss. A battle for the soul of your story and writing is a sure sign that you’re working with the wrong kind of editor, getting the wrong kind of feedback.

Don’t get steamed at the editor. Just stop working with people who don’t suit you and your book.

Your editor is your literary GPS, your cheerleader, your personal trainer and support team. You want someone who recognizes your creative destination, rallies behind you, and shines the spotlight on all the quirks that make your book distinctive (so readers can appreciate it too).

So find your ideal editor. This editor is too hot. That editor is too cold.

But somewhere is an editor who’s juuust right.

The basics of finding a qualified pro editor

Ways to tell if an editor’s on your wavelength

How to sniff out the signs of an editorial love match


Lisa Poisso, Editor and Book Coach

Understanding how stories work changes everything. I’ll show you how to back up your creative instincts so your ideas hit home. It’s time to accelerate your journey from aspiring writer to emerging author. 

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