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Scene endings that make readers turn pages

It’s easy to surmise that propelling readers from one scene to the next relies upon a dramatic closing hook, the evocative or provocative impression at the very end of the scene.

Seemed like everyone was finding someone to pair off with. So when was he going to find a girl of his own?


Edwina looked the poor sod straight in the eye. “She’s not coming back, Edgar. Ever.”

But although hooks may tantalize, another underlying force is what truly launches readers into the next scene. This dynamic arises from the final step of scene structure: a new outcome—change.

  • Using scenes to create change in your story
  • How the springboard effect works from one scene to the next
  • What happens when your character hits a roadblock
  • What’s “top spin” and how can you use it?

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Strategies for Smooth Scene Openings  If the opening line of a scene is the doorway to the party, what follows is the welcoming handshake and introductions that draw readers into the mix. Effective scene openings extend beyond the fireworks of a provocative opening hook, ushering readers into the new space with no awkward stumbles or feeling out of place. Here’s how to whisk readers effortlessly into a scene’s flow.

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