Tangled up in Track Changes?

If you’ve never used Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature before, the idea of getting your manuscript back from an editor filled with all sorts of lines and squiggles you have to do something to in order to keep your novel from plummeting precipitously through a fiery ring of digital destruction and disappearing into the black maw of—
Okay, seriously, Track Changes isn’t really that terrifying.

I haven’t had a Track Changes-related death among my clients yet, so my track record of getting people through this process seems pretty reliable. You can survive the revision process, too, with my refreshed how-to guide to revising your manuscript after an edit.

Visit The Writer’s Guide to Track Changes.

Lisa Poisso, Editor and Book Coach

Understanding how stories work changes everything. I’ll show you how to back up your creative instincts so your ideas hit home. It’s time to accelerate your journey from aspiring writer to emerging author. 

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