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Feedback or Editing: What sort of input to get when

Should you—could you—be getting feedback on your book from peers or readers, or is it time to get professional eyes on your manuscript? My latest post as a resident writing coach at Writers Helping Writers explains when it’s time for what in your book’s development.

Much of the choice hinges on what you can afford. Sure, you could do or manage most of these editorial steps for yourself at no cost, but the quality of your book will reflect the quality of the services and production you put into it. Readers can spot DIY editing and production a mile away.

But even when you’re hiring a pro, there’s another danger to watch out for:

It’s up to you to lean on the right options at the right stages of your book’s development.

–  With a newly complete manuscript

–  During second and later drafts

–  When you know you’re not ready yet for professional editing

–  When you’re ready for professional editing

–  Between types of editing

–  Before querying

–  Before self-publishing

What’s the right option at each stage of your book’s development?

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What Sort of Feedback to Get When

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