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What’s involved in editing your novel?

Whether you’re self-publishing your novel or trying to vault to the head of the slush pile, it’s generally true that commercial-quality books are supported by commercial-quality production. Hiring skilled, experienced pros is essential for your book’s key services: cover design and blurb/jacket copy, which promise readers commercial-quality value, and editing, which delivers that value in Read more about What’s involved in editing your novel?[…]

Invest in yourself

The cost and value of developing as a writer

Your daily Starbucks fix: it’s today’s point of comparison for all things reasonably considered “small change.” But did you realize that the bill for a daily cup of joe in the United States—that’s something like $4 a day—adds up to almost $1,500 a year? Somehow, that doesn’t sound like small change anymore. Coffee on this Read more about The cost and value of developing as a writer[…]