Invest in yourself

The cost and value of developing as a writer

Your daily Starbucks fix: it’s today’s point of comparison for all things reasonably considered “small change.” But did you realize that the bill for a daily cup of joe in the United States—that’s something like $4 a day—adds up to almost $1,500 a year? Somehow, that doesn’t sound like small change anymore. Coffee on this Read more about The cost and value of developing as a writer[…]

How much does editing cost?

10 ways to save money on editing

As an emerging author, you may be frustrated to discover that you shouldn’t be following the lead of experienced authors when it comes to your editing budget and saving money on editing. The editing needs of seasoned authors are different from yours. Writers at earlier stages of their careers need strong developmental guidance. You need Read more about 10 ways to save money on editing[…]