How much money do novelists make?

So how much money can you make writing novels, anyway? For traditionally published author income, short of a few blockbuster outliers, the total is probably neither as substantial nor as reliable as you might assume. On the flip side, the income potential of self-publishing has evolved dramatically in entirely different ways over the past handful of years.

Either way, it’s a volatile situation. Don’t bet the farm on blogs and articles written back in the twenty-teens. Here are some recent articles with enough hard data to give you a solid foundation.

How much do authors make per book? In traditional publishing, the totals and reliability aren’t as substantial as you might assume.

What’s a six-figure book deal really worth? The bottom line may be more of a bottom, period.

How much money do authors actually earn? A good overview of how novelists get paid and for what.

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Author Income: How to make a living from your writing A look at the income stream of authors making less than $60k a year from book sales, those making over $60k a year, and those making over $100k a year.

The Evolution of an Author: How to go from $0 to $100k from your writing This article features five income categories, from $0-$249 per month to over $10k per month, plus a look at what authors are doing differently at each level.

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The creator economy for authors Straight-up comparisons of income and books sold between traditional publishing and self-publishing, plus a look at where the many publishing platforms are headed.

How much do authors earn? Here’s the answer no one likes Jane Friedman puts the above trends into perspective.

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