Book coaching vs. editing: What’s the difference?

If you’re all about the credo “move fast and break things,” you may feel confident diving from writing into self-revision and then editing. But if you like to get the lay of the land before trying new things, or if you’d appreciate having an experienced guide to call on as you’re writing, a book coach could be just what you need.

Book coaches have been described as consultants, mentors, teachers, and personal trainers for your writing. Book coaching shares a lot in common with developmental and line editing, especially from experienced editors who provide customized approaches beyond critiques or edits. Generally speaking, book coaching is more ongoing and interactive than editing, but one-to-one comparisons don’t paint the entire picture.

  • Book coaching vs. editing
  • What book coaches do
  • What book coaches don’t do
  • Benefits of book coaching
  • What to look for in a book coach
  • How much does book coaching cost?

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What’s the Difference Between a

Book Coach and an Editor?

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