Will readers swallow your plot?

We’ve all read stories where the characters didn’t seem to be doing what a reasonable person would do in that situation. Heck, they’re not even doing what an unreasonable person would do. Sometimes they’re doing something else entirely. Sometimes they don’t seem to be doing much of anything at all.

A story that lacks credibility will also fail to hook readers. Credibility relies not only on the plot but also on the characters. As long as the characters forge a fathomable path into the story through their thoughts and reactions and emotions, readers will dive in alongside them.

Readers are generous souls. They enter a book ready and willing to be carried away into another world where things may work very, very differently. Did the main character actually just turn into a fly? Are we supposed to believe that the heroine would actually give up stardom for love? For the most part, readers will believe the story and follow—as long as the characters make a convincing case for themselves and the story.

So how do you make that happen?

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The Link Between

Character Thought and Credibility

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